Best nightlife


Taipei Triangle

The triangle is a well-known foreign venue and is a french-owned dance bar that hosts various fact nights depending on the day of the week. The club employs big DJs who want to mix. During the week, don’t miss Wednesday’s ball with free full night admission for students and women, free favorite drinks for women only at midnight!

The club has great music that varies depending on the theme of the event. To quent the jam, the bar offers a wide range of cocktails and drinks at a very reasonable price with very friendly and polite staff.

Excellent sound system, spacious dance floor, healthy waiters and excellent DJ performance – the perfect combination that will make you dance all night!

Taipei Wave Club

Located in the Att4FUNs complex in the Xinyi district, the Wave Club is known as one of taipei’s most interesting open-air bars.

Wave Club is easy to identify at the entrance to the corner of the ATT4FUN building, with many queuing outside. Stopping in line and passing the entrance, the doorman shows the elevator to get to the floor where the dance floor is.

It’s mostly EDM, house and hip-hop music. “Wave” hosts many atee nights.

The club is also known for its Ladies Night club, which has an open bar that runs every Thursday night. The women were free, and the men had to pay 400 new Taiwanese dollars. Be careful, often to get free entry or discount, you need to follow the rules set for the evening, such as dressing up or posting photos to social networks.

The open bar offers a wide range of quality drinks and does not save the amount of alcohol as is often the case in other clubs.

Another advantage of the wave club is that many locals use it. So you can have interesting meetings and practice Chinese.

Pillar 45

The original pub, once a former traditional Chinese pharmaceutical store, is a well-known place despite its small size. It is located in the National Taiwan Teachers’ University (NTNU) and is visited by a lot of foreign and local students.

When it comes to drinks, it’s a choice. If you like cocktails, cheap beer or soft drinks, they offer a wide range of drinks (happy hours every night) as well as snacks such as fries with salsa sauce.

As it is a bar whose clientele consists mainly of students, the prices are very reasonable.

There aren’t that many people on weekdays, but the bar is always quite crowded. On the other hand, on a Saturday night you have to squeeze through a large crowd to join the bar. But anyway, whether it’s crowded or not, the atmosphere at this little bar is always fine and relaxed!

Since the google maps bar is blurry, here are some instructions on how to get there. Once you’re on Heping East Road, find a small “45” sign in the old building and then climb a narrow staircase. You’re welcome. Rejoice, have fun!