How long will it take me to become a DJ?


If you are serious about the role of DJ, you will need time and equipment.


When you discover that becoming a DJ is your true calling, time and energy will be tested. Start listening to other music, get information (attend a music school that teaches you systematic DJ/music production, and developing the music industry is also a good idea), gain hands-on experience with hardware and software (training will also help you make contacts)
sing is one of the best professions in the world, but a lot of people ask about DJ and how much I have to become a DJ producer or club DJ or EDM DJ in India.

Devices – A DJ must have devices like a controller (the basic controller usually costs about 40,000 to run, there is no point in paying exorbitant amounts for an extended controller that is not used in the first step. Drivers are often updated after a year or two, so you can upgrade later by purchasing an advanced controller, display pairs (M-Audio, Yamaha, Rokit – great brands to choose from 12-20,000 pieces), headphones (Pioneer- Audio Technica or Sennheiser headphones range from 1200-3 KB),” laptop (preferably 8GB O FOR speed – Lenovo / HP and Dell – good alternatives to 27 KB to 45 KB) with software (for beginners you can download a free version of the software that allows you to use fewer features while serving the purpose of getting a few software usage).

Tsikoing and making music with software

In addition to the FL studio, you can use ableton jalogic pro to create music digitally. You can learn such software on YouTube or in good music schools. If you live in Mumbai, visit the Global DJ Academy, which organizes various electronic music courses (3-month certificate or 6-month diploma course), professional DJ, FL studio and music business development. In the last 10 years, nearly 3,000 students have completed their academy. The support system they provide for equipment, teachers, training, etc. Although I say you can learn online, I wouldn’t learn from YouTube videos. It’s not that the tutor is bad – they just don’t really take into account every person’s ability to learn while making a video.