The world’s popular DJs


So 2021 started well and what could be better than listing India’s hottest and most popular DJs? Know the heart and soul of modern Indian EDM music and the guys who have to listen to their music.

Anish Sud

Born and raised in a musical family from Goa, studied mechanical engineering at Goa College of Engineering, started DJ at the age of 15. During his time at the local Goa club, he met a Mumbai submerged promoter (founded in 2003 by Nikhil Chinapa, Pearl and Hermit Sethi) who began booking concerts for him across the country. She won the Sunburn Anthem remix with her friend Rishab Josh with a remix of Nadia Ali’s Love Story in 2010, which resulted in them performing at the Sunburn Festival. Anish appeared on the world’s largest guest list (December 2015) in Mumbai with Hardwell. In 2018, she became the first Indian to win the best electronic/dance singles award for her song Starry Night feat. Grief and Kelechi at the Independent Music Awards in New York. His non-musical performances include appearing on the list of the 50 most dressed Indian men, according to Gj’s version in 2014, 2015 and 2016, and performing at TEDxGECSalon.

Lost Stories

Lost Stories is an Indian DJ duo and producers consisting of Prayaga Mehta and Rishab Josh (founded in 2009), known for official remixes of Alan Walker’s Faded and The Spark Afrojack while performing at Tomorrowland (Belgium), Mysteryland (Netherlands), Marenostrum Music Festival (Spain), Sunburn Music Festival (India), Supersonic (India) and many other music festivals around the world, these guys took 52. The goal is to organize music production and DJ training. In 2018, they released a three-track EP called Bombay Electric, and together with Zaeden they released the single “Uncomplicated” with a song by Matthew Stiper.

She is known for remixes Magic on Coldplay, Animals and Don’t Want to Know from Maroon 5 and Justin Bieber’s Love Yourself – one of the few DJs to receive official training. He played piano and tagl, and when he learned at heritage school, he began djing at the age of 14. He studied media briefly at The Witch at the University of Emit before moving to Mumbai to study sound engineering. In 2014, his remix Coldplay’s Magic was shown on Dutch DJ Hardwell Hardwell On Air; Make him one of the youngest DJs. In 2016, he was cast as David Guetta’s last act of a concert in Mumbai and was one of the few Indian artists to have performed at the Tomorrowland Festival in Belgium. By the time he’s 23, he’s already accomplished a lot. Take care of him!