Why does the music industry need to grow its business?


Development of the music industry

All in all, we see that areas such as finance.m medicine, IT and so on include employees of business leaders, so why not in the music industry?

We rarely see experts in music business development here, why? That’s why we teach our DJs and music producers how to develop their music business at the global DJ Academy.

When we talk about music development, we need to understand the basics of the industry and learn the signs of changing trends.

Sound Technology

No one’s going to benefit? And who better to train you in this field than professionals with 10 years of experience in the music industry.

Our students learn all about marketing, music distribution, record labels, live shows, tours, licenses, digital sales, copyright, royalties – these are important facts they need to know before moving into our field.

In addition to these topics, we teach our music students by introducing them to business plans, trading tools, explaining different genres, and asking important questions.

With the arrival of Indian music on the international market and the increasing number of music festivals like Sunburn, Ziro, NH7 Weekender, the need for developers is now greater than ever! At the global DJ Academy, we believe in teaching students so they get a lot of practical information (because our teachers are insiders in the music industry, so you can get first-hand information behind the scenes), which is why they don’t appear as beginners, but as experienced guys.

Devices – DJ should have devices like a controller (using a basic controller usually costs about 40,000, there is no point in paying exorbitant amounts for an extended controller that is not used in the first step. Drivers are often updated for a year or two, so you can upgrade later, buy an advanced controller, display pairs (M-Audio, Yamaha, Rokit – good brands to choose from 12-20,000 pieces), headphones (Pioneer, Audio Technica or Sennheiser headphones range from 1200-3KB),” laptop (preferably 8GB O FOR speed – Lenovo/HP and Dell – great alternatives to 27KB to 45KB) with software (for beginners you can download a free version of the software that allows you to use fewer features when serving the use of a few software).